About Boost

The number of companies that have software development as their core business, also referred to as Independent Software vendors – ISV –  are exploding. But success does not come to the passive, it comes to those that keep pushing forward and catching new waves at the right time.

To provide the ISV scene with the information and inspiration that it needs, the Boost site is a place where the essential news is brought together. It showcases the many features of Microsoft Benelux’s ISV programme, as well as news from within Microsoft that is of direct interest to the ISV scene.

Getting to the point

The site’s focus and structure enables visitors to very quickly identify subjects of interest. For example, as live events are a very important part of Microsoft’s ISV programme, they feature prominently, making it easy to plan ahead – and prepare for some targeted networking at the same time.

Information overload?

However, what Boost is not is just another website. The ambition is to cover news and developments from the sector – but also provide the commentary, events and resources to fully exploit them.
Put simply, Boost is where it all comes together.